~~ The United Nations Fraud ~~

“The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. Its purpose is to destroy the United States.” (John E. Rankin, a U.S. Congressman)

“The age of nations must end. The governments of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms.” (U.N. World Constitution)

The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Common Market, as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

The ROCKEFELLER Foundation is the PRIME SPONSOR of public relations for the UNITED NATION’S drastic depopulation program, which the world is invited to accept at the UN’s scheduled September conference in Cairo, Egypt. Evidence in the possession of a growing number of researchers in America, England, and Germany demonstrates that the Foundation and its CORPORATE, MEDICAL, and POLITICAL associates organized the racial MASS MURDER program of NAZI GERMANY.

    Corruption at the Heart of the United Nations

    The Long, Sordid Tale of Corrupt UN Leadership

    How Corrupt is the United Nations?

    The Corruption of the United Nations

    United Nations Corruption and the Need for Reform

      Journalist Who Exposes U.N. Corruption Disappears From Google

        Former CIA Officer: “Most Terrorists Are False Flag Terrorists, Or Are Created By Our Own Security Services.” 

          Operation Northwoods – US Planned Fake Terror Attacks On Citizens To Create Support For Cuban War 

          Operation Northwoods – Information Center on Secret Operation Northwoods

          Operation Northwoods Exposed (MUST-SEE VIDEO!!)

          U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba

            The Cuban Project, also known as Operation Mongoose

            U.N. Peacekeepers Caught Paying 50 Cents for Sex with 13-Year-Old Girls in War Zones

              Depopulation – UN Population Division Policy Brief, March 2009

              UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population

              ~~~ ATTENTION PLEASE!!! ANON MISSING!! ~~~


              ~~~~~ ATTENTION PLEASE!!! ANON MISSING!! ~~~~~


              At the beginning of this year (2017), one of our admins (@ Anonymous Notables on Facebook) contacted me with the following information. As far as I know, HE IS NOW MISSING!! Walt has NEVER spoken bullshit; his work always credible!! 

              This is his YouTube video from May 2, 2017:

                • 📍Message From The 1%:


                ~~~ WALT LAVIGNE – COPIED AND PASTED ~~~

                My name is Walt Lavigne and I’m going down the same way I lived my life… Standing up…

                • 📍Canada Is Still Torturing People And No One Has Been Held Accountable:


                • 📍Public Consultation On Bill C-51 Looks Like An Elaborate PR Stunt:


                • 📍RCMP Counter-Terrorism Officer Found Guilty In “Disturbing” Child Abuse Case:


                • 📍Family Says RCMP Officer Elbowed 71-Year-Old Woman In The Face:


                If you read Trevor Aaronson’s “The Terror Factory”, or listen to his TedTalks on YouTube, the FBI manipulate poor, mentally ill people to “conspire” terrorist acts.

                Here is an article that documents the sociopathy at RCMP:    

                  • 📍A Feminist PM And A Not-So-Feminist RCMP Commish:


                  • 📍Facebook Link:

                  ~~ Canada Issues “Unknown” Health Card to Gender-Neutral Baby ~~

                  July 1, 2017

                  I have so many thoughts with regard to this…

                  I will say that I believe the parent’s INTENTION is good; however, it is obviously based on a personal experience… An experience that is highly uncommon throughout most of society. I will also say that I understand my opinion is based on my experience – my personal “gender” experience as a heterosexual female; my experience of society’s typical gender designation and also my scholastic science experience, whereby I learned pertinent subjects, such as Anatomy, Biology, Physiology and Chemistry. I also learned English and became somewhat obsessive with words and their definitions, grammar, spelling, syntax and writing (in general). 

                  Whilst I understand that the parent is trying to prevent the baby from one day potentially experiencing societal pressure to act and be in accordance with the gender that their anatomical sexual organs typically define as either male or female; I believe this parent is unintentionally setting up the child for more adversity and confusion than freedom and gratitude for such a legal omission. With regard to the government’s decision, I find this appalling. We are anatomically, physiologically and biologically male, female or hermaphrodite. I believe the only cases, if any, that should be allowed options, such as “U” or “X” gender choices, is a baby who is born hermaphrodite, or with a condition known as “Swyer Syndrome”, AKA, “XY Gonadal Dysgenesis”. 

                  I acknowledge the condition and do not ridicule transgenders. I have GREAT sympathy for their plight. I awaken every day knowing, looking and being equipped as the female that I internally, emotionally feel I am. However, as a child, had I had the choice to select which gender would be listed on my birth certificate or healthcare card, I would have chosen “male”. For years I was angry with my mother for not “making me a boy”. I insisted I have my hair cut short, I played with He-Men and lizards and participated in ninja battle-offs. Why? Because I had (still have) two brothers and I wanted to be just like them. I also wanted dental braces, optical glasses and asthma and didn’t speak to my mother for 2 days because I wasn’t allowed to sit in the teacher’s staffroom with that cool Ventolin mask, have an asthma puffer and receive the same attention as my asthmatic friend who struggled to breathe. 
                  Do I still want asthma? No! Obviously not. I was a stupid child who knew nothing but what my friends were doing and what was seemingly-cool. Do I want to be a male now? No freaking way! I am female through and through. I knew by the time I was 8-9 that I was meant to be a girl. 
                  Now, with regard to the English aspect of things… I think the government needs to distinguish between “Sex” and “Gender” because, while they are (to some degree) interchangeable, they are still definitively different. Modernly, “Sex” is the term we use to differentiate between male and female and that differentiation is dependent upon the basis of reproductive organs. “Gender” often, particularly contemporaneously, defines either of the two sexes, with consideration of established cultural and societal factors, rather than biological ones.
                  The government needs to decide which is to be used (Sex/Gender) and substantiate the reason/s and subsequent importance of such a usage on official, legal documentation. Perhaps a “deed poll” kind of law could be implemented, legally allowing people of a certain age to change the gender with which they identify… In fact, isn’t something like that already enacted?
                  The fact is that kids are cruel a-holes and as children, we were all subject to teasing, ridicule, peer-pressure, a need to belong and a fear of having a spotlight shining on us, drawing attention to our differences. REGARDLESS of how we try to coach our children, promising them that the people teasing are the ones who are wrong… THEY ARE CHILDREN. They are SCIENTIFICALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY INCAPABLE of TRULY understanding and adopting our words, no matter how lovingly and articulately they are delivered. It is a scientific fact that the brain doesn’t stop developing until we are in our early-mid 20s. In saying that, I believe sexual and gender identity is personally known much earlier than this. I make this reference with relation to children teasing and being inevitably affected by such jeering.
                  I find this disgraceful and ludicrous, honestly. If the parent is so concerned about the potential of teasing, based on her own experience; she should recall that it was she who was in the vast minority and apply that to what her child will experience as a result of such a decision. According to a 2017 study (linked below), only 1 in 137 teenagers identify as transgender – that isn’t even three-quarters of a mere 1%. Due to her own experience, she should be more adept (than average) in recognising transgender traits and ensure she always effectively COMMUNICATES with her child. 
                  I also can’t help but think the legal acceptance of this is yet another step towards the Elite’s intended sexualisation and exploitation of children, in accordance with the NWO and their final plan.

                  • Illuminati, NWO, War, Banks, Israel, ISIS, Zionism & Satanism

                  This is just my opinion, but I stand by it.
                  ~~~~~ RELEVANT LINKS & REFERENCES ~~~~~

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                  B.C. care card issued without gender; parent fighting for same on birth certificate

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                  #Transgender #Male #Female #LGBT #Birth #BirthCertificate #Sex #Gender #Man #Woman #Boy #Girl #Canada #NWO #Sexualisation #Sexualization #GenderIdentity #GenderNeutral #Hermaphrodite #SwyerSyndrome #Gay #Lesbian #Homosexual #Heterosexual #Transvestite #Bisexual #Transsexual

                  ~~ Psychedelics & Entheogens (Power Plant Medicine) ~~ 

                  “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third-storey window… Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” ― Terence McKenna.

                  Magic Mushrooms – Mental Health


                  Psychedelic Evolution


                  • ~~ BOOKS:


                  Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits – Robert Anton Wilson

                  Psychedelics and Drug Issues: The Human Biocomputer – John C. Lilly, M.D. 

                  The Centre of the Cyclone – John C. Lilly, M.D. 

                  Neuropolitics – Timothy Leary

                  Journeys into the Bright World – Marcia Moore 

                  • ~~ EXTERNAL:


                  http://www.maps.org/resources/freebooks/ Cover of John 

                  Lilly’s book ‘The Centre of the Cyclone’

                  • ~~ HISTORY OF PSYCHEDELIC THERAPY:


                  Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of Lysergic Acid 

                  Diethylamide-25: Individual and Group Procedures

                  by D.B, Blewett, Ph.D., and N. Chwelos, M.D. (1959)

                  LSD: My Problem Child by Albert Hofmann, Ph.D. (1979; English translation 1980). Also available in Russian (pdf), Polish (doc), Chinese, and Japanese.

                  Remembrances of LSD Therapy Past – Betty Grover Eisner, Ph.D. (2002). Also available as a pdf.

                  The Secret Chief Revealed – Myron Stolaroff (1997/2004). Also available as a pdf.

                  • ~~ PSYCHEDELICS AND CULTURE:


                  The Beyond Within: The LSD Story, Including the Past, the Present and the Future of the Drugs that Alter Consciousness and Produce Visions – Sidney Cohen, M.D. (1964/1967)

                  The Ethnopharmacology of Ayahuasca – Edited by Rafael Guimarães dos Santos (2011). Also available as individual chapters and in magazine format. 

                  Drugs & Mysticism: An Analysis of the Relationship between Psychedelic Drugs and Mystical Consciousness – Walter Norman Pahnke. Ph.D. Thesis, Harvard University. (June 1963) (“The Good Friday Experiment”)

                  Guided by the Moon: Shamanism and the Ritual Use of Ayahuasca in the Santo Daime Religion in Brazil – Edward McRae, PhD. Courtesy of the Núcleo de Estudos Interdisciplinares sobre Psicoativos (NEIP).

                  The Sacred Voyage: The Pilgrimage to the Soul – Lars Faber (2006)

                  The Yage Drinker – Fernando Payaguaje. (Donations will be forwarded to Pablo Yepez of the VIHOMA Foundation, who manages a small fund that supports Secoyas in need of medical treatment in Quito, Ecuador). 

                  • ~~ PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE:


                  The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell – Aldous Huxley (1954, 2009)

                  Ketamine: Dreams and Realities – Karl Jansen, M.D., Ph.D. (2000, 2004)

                  The Road To Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries – Carl A. Ruck, Albert Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson, Jeremy Bigwood, Jonathan Ott, Carl A. P. Ruck, Huston Smith, and Danny Staples.

                  Thanatos to Eros, 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration – Myron Stolaroff (1994)

                  Through the Gateway of the Heart : Accounts of Experiences with MDMA and other Empathogenic Substances – Edited by Sophia Adamson and Ralph Metzner (1985).

                  • ~~ VIDEOS:


                  Psychedelic Intelligence: The CIA and the Counterculture

                  There is a recording of Dr. Timothy Leary actually describing the retrograde culture that those who dropped out would participate in: 

                  A message from the Hippie-Elders: The Houseboat Summit –1967

                  ^^^ In this talk, Leary, Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Allen Cohen describe how those that “tune in, turn on, drop out” would abandon modern culture and return to the status of a peasant. 

                  Science and Sacraments: Psychedelic Research and Mystical Experiences – Documentary


                  PSYCHEDELIC SECRETS FROM THE FUTURE w/ Erik Davis & Michael Garfield


                  David Nichols – Psychedelic Chemist at CIIS

                  ~~ Trump : Presidential Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty ~~

                  May 4, 2017

                  EXECUTIVE ORDER:
                  Presidential Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty
                  The White House

                  Office of the Press Secretary

                  For Immediate Release: May 04, 2017
                  Presidential Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty
                  EXECUTIVE ORDER
                  – – – – – – –
                  By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, in order to guide the executive branch in formulating and implementing policies with implications for the religious liberty of persons and organizations in America, and to further compliance with the Constitution and with applicable statutes and Presidential Directives, it is hereby ordered as follows:
                  Section 1.  

                  It shall be the policy of the executive branch to vigorously enforce Federal law’s robust protections for religious freedom. The Founders envisioned a Nation in which religious voices and views were integral to a vibrant public square, and in which religious people and institutions were free to practice their faith without fear of discrimination or retaliation by the Federal Government. For that reason, the United States Constitution enshrines and protects the fundamental right to religious liberty as Americans’ first freedom. Federal law protects the freedom of Americans and their organizations to exercise religion and participate fully in civic life without undue interference by the Federal Government. The executive branch will honor and enforce those protections.
                  Sec. 2.  

                  Respecting Religious and Political Speech.  
                  All executive departments and agencies (agencies) shall, to the greatest extent practicable and to the extent permitted by law, respect and protect the freedom of persons and organizations to engage in religious and political speech. In particular, the Secretary of the Treasury shall ensure, to the extent permitted by law, that the Department of the Treasury does not take any adverse action against any individual, house of worship, or other religious organization on the basis that such individual or organization speaks or has spoken about moral or political issues from a religious perspective, where speech of similar character has, consistent with law, not ordinarily been treated as participation or intervention in a political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) a candidate for public office by the Department of the Treasury. As used in this section, the term “adverse action” means the imposition of any tax or tax penalty; the delay or denial of tax-exempt status; the disallowance of tax deductions for contributions made to entities exempted from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of title 26, United States Code; or any other action that makes unavailable or denies any tax deduction, exemption, credit, or benefit.
                  Sec. 3.  

                  Conscience Protections with Respect to Preventive-Care Mandate.  
                  The Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall consider issuing amended regulations, consistent with applicable law, to address conscience-based objections to the preventive-care mandate promulgated under section 300gg-13(a)(4) of title 42, United States Code.
                  Sec. 4.  

                  Religious Liberty Guidance.  
                  In order to guide all agencies in complying with relevant Federal law, the Attorney General shall, as appropriate, issue guidance interpreting religious liberty protections in Federal law.
                  Sec. 5.  

                  If any provision of this order, or the application of any provision to any individual or circumstance, is held to be invalid, the remainder of this order and the application of its other provisions to any other individuals or circumstances shall not be affected thereby.   
                  Sec. 6.  

                  General Provisions.  
                  (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:
                  (i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or 
                  (ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
                  (b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
                  (c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.
                  DONALD J. TRUMP
                  THE WHITE HOUSE,

                      May 4, 2017.
                  📍Trump – Executive Order

                  ~~ Leaked Photos Show Satanic Rothschild Ceremony ~~

                  September 23, 2016

                  ‘In December 1972 Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, a member of the most powerful Illuminati family in the world, hosted a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the Rothschild’s enormous, secretive mansions.
                  While Rothschild events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular party were leaked on the internet.
                  In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut”- style masked ball mixed with a decadent Lady Gaga-style music video.
                  Behind the fun and games, these leaked photos reveal the underlying ideology and the mind state of the occult elite – which is also used in the countless MK/Illuminati themed music videos.’

                  Nicole Kidman: ‘Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World’


                  Nicole Kidman ‘Blacklisted’ From Hollywood For Vowing To Support President

                  Nicole Kidman says we need to support Donald Trump as President