~~ Bill “Depopulation” Gates ~~

I just recently learned that Bill Gates is teaming up with MIT and funding yet another vaccine scam and I figured what better time than now to bring some attention to this mogul and his efforts.
Bill Gates Funding MIT Development of Micro Implants to Automatically Give Babies Vaccines – In an article published by The Free Thought Project – September 18, 2017:

Oh, I know… There goes my tinfoil hat again with my “vaccine scam” mention. He does so much for charity and humanity; particularly with regard to his passion for third world countries and the distribution of “much-needed”, “life-saving” vaccines, right? Well, my thoughts on that… I was just re-watching:

Innovating To Zero:

I noticed a viewer, 1ranjeeves21, had commented with:

“No one has ever done so much for humanity. He has donated $28 billion to charity…”

To which I responded:

‘”The Pharma is strong with this one!” He certainly has done a great deal for humanity! If not for Bill Gates, who else would cripple over 48000 people in third world countries with the receipt of sterilising vaccines?!! 
Not only does his generosity include mass paralysation, sterilisation, sickness and death among vaccine recipients; his selfless nature, no doubt, donates so much of his tax-deductible, dirty money – that with which he has been bought – to charities that, not only cause and promote the disease they allege to treat; they withhold life-saving cures from their patients, such as The Cancer Foundation.

Well, they don’t call him Bill “Depopulation” Gates for nothing, am I right?’

Polio – A Comprehensive Compilation Proving Decades of Fraud + Bill Gates:

  • https://www.facebook.com/VforVaccines/posts/1202224656590428
  • Oops, there I go again… Being a nut-job, mentioning words, such as “Depopulation”. Well, before I continue, I would appreciate if you would be ever so kind and push on this UN (United Nations) Policy Briefs link:

    “What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?” 

    Hmmm… That certainly is an interesting question, is it not? It brings me back to Bill Gates and his TEDTalk excerpt, in this video here. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who heard:

    “The world today has 6.8 billion people, that’s headed up to about 9 billion. If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health-care, reproductive health-services, we could lower that by 10-15%.”

    In other words: We will be able to decrease the population if we do an efficient job with new vaccines, health-care and reproductive health-services. 

    If you believe this was taken out of context, I encourage to watch the entire TEDTalk:

    Innovating To Zero:

    Of course, there are those who are going to dismiss as nothing suspicious Gates’ claim here, justifying it with some kind of bull5h1t, such as Snopes.

    Well, I encourage you to remember that Snopes.com has already been exposed for fraud, embezzlement, Liberal bias, lying, paying for sexual services… Just to name a few issues proving a lack of credibility on their part.

    Before I continue, for those of you who aren’t aware, the UN has quite a displeasing reputation, to say the least.

    Not to mention, Bill Gates is profoundly entrenched with the UN and WHO, so joint interests in the world’s population makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it? 

    Bill Gates Buys Himself A United Nations Health Agency in Geneva:

    This is not to mention the close links that exist between Bill Gates and the worldwide abortion industry. Bill and his wife Melinda are, through their foundations, among the most active supporters of groups like Planned Parenthood and the infamous Center for Reproductive Rights. They are also promoting population control through their own Institute for Population and Reproductive Health.

    Bill, Melinda Gates Decry Trump’s Order Banning Abortion Funding: Worried About Contraception Funding: 

    Bill and Melinda Gates Institute For Population and Reproductive Health:

    Abortion for All: How the International Planned Parenthood Federation Promotes Abortion Around the World:

    Is it a coincidence that in 2014, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the distribution of a tetanus vaccine in Africa by UNICEF – the agency that provided Kenya with the vaccine reportedly laced with Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG).

    Doctors: UN Vaccines in Kenya Used to Sterilize Women:

    Tetanus Vaccines Found Spiked With Sterilization Chemical To Carry Out Race-Based Genocide Against Africans:

    “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine:

    CATHOLIC Church WARNING: Neonatal TetanusVaccine by WHO is DEADLY and Bad For Women Reproductivity: 

    Bill Gates and the Anti-Fertility Agent in African Tetanus Vaccine:

    ‘A Mass Sterilization Exercise’: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine:

    To add more examples to this uncanny number of depopulation coincidences is Bill Gates’ affiliation with Monsanto. The company that is owned by Bayer – the company who admitted selling HIV-tainted blood, killing thousands:

    Monsanto – the company whose GMOs cause infertility; whose Round Up causes cancer; the company who also brought you Agent Orange, PCBs, DDT, Glyphosate, Saccharine, Aspartame, Bovine Growth Hormone and has proven links to the Rockefeller family:

    Now, “conspiracy theorist” or not, one may safely conclude that, whether or not the rumours are true and Bill Gates is actively working towards the depopulation of humanity; his affiliations and the evidentiary material proving the population-reducing results of the efforts of those affiliations, not to mention those due to his own efforts… Well, this certainly is a major coincidence, is it not? 😉

    ~~ Snopes.com – Exposed As Full of 5h1t! ~~ 


    Why is this important for you? If you are a Facebook consumer, they have chosen Snopes to be one of their ‘arbiters’ in their campaign against “fake news”. Besides that, people are constantly using Snopes to “debunk” articles. 

    Facebook’s Employment Of Poynter

    Forbes does Damning Piece on Snopes After they are Exposed for “Fraud and Embezzlement”

    The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers – Forbes Article

    Snopes Accused Of Defrauding Website To Pay For Prostitutes – Staff Includes Escort/Domme/Porn Star 

    Damage Control: After Snopes Is Called Out For Fraud And Embezzlement By Major News Outlets 

    Snopes Can Go Snopes Themselves – They Lied In Article About Me – I Prove It 

    Snopes Caught Lying For Hillary Again, Questions Raised

    BUSTED! Main Political “Fact” Checker For SNOPES Is FINALLY EXPOSED As Liberal Hack

    Snopes Is Run By A Man And Woman With No Background In Investigation Using Google 

    “Fact-Check” Site Snopes Caught Blatantly Lying for Democrats About Flags at Convention

    Snopes Caught In A Lie About The UN Trucks. Also, Brexit And Superstate Info 

    Snopes Caught In A Blatant Lie 

    The Indisputable Liberal Bias of Snopes

    Myth-Busting Website Snopes.com Revealed To Be A Hoax – According To Snopes.com

    Snopes.Com Caught in a Lie and Spins it Rather than Admits Error

    ASK FACTCHECK – Snopes.com:

    “Is Snopes.com run by “very Democratic” proprietors? Did they lie to discredit a State Farm insurance agent who attacked Obama?”

    SNOPES.com Exposed: Left Wing Website Not Quite the Impartial Arbiter of Truth

    Snopes Blows Their Credibility 

    Snopes Busted Yet Again For Fabricating Total Lies In Order To Cover For Obama’s Money Laundering Crimes

    Snopes ‘Fact Checker’ Site BUSTED Spreading THIS Obama Lie

    Snopes Caught Lying About American Flags at Democratic Convention

    Kim LaCapria and Snopes Caught Lying About Barry Bush

    My first inkling that Snopes.com was full of crap was when I saw this:

    I figured I’d be interested to know more, so I began to research:

    I noticed that, contrary to Snopes’ “FALSE” claim, the manufacturer themselves admitted to trisodium phosphate being an ingredient in their Lucky Charms:

    ~~ Facebook’s Employment Of Poynter ~~

    Account disabling, account bans, inaccessible posts, temporary account deactivations that are dependent upon the uploading of government-approved ID if reactivation is to occur, etc…. If you thought Facebook couldn’t get any worse with regard to censorship, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”! 

    In summary:

    Facebook has employed Poynter’s IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network) to sift through the news uploaded to their site and decide what is ‘fake news’ and what is ‘real’. 

    Sounds hopeful? Hardly… Why? Here are the organisations behind Poynter’s IFCN:

    • NED (National Endowment for Democracy): It has financial links to the Obama State Department
    • Open Society Foundation: Belonging to George Soros
    • eBay’s Omidyar Network (Pierre Omidyar)
    • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Craig Newmark’s ‘CraigsList’

    All of these companies are/were supporters of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s election campaign.
    You do the math… How independent do you believe the ‘fact-checking’ will be?

    International Fact-Checking Network: New Worldwide Ministry Of Truth?

    Facebook ‘Fact-checker’ Poynter Partnered with Obama State Department to Train Journalists


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        ~~ Monsanto, GMOs, Glyphosate, Bill Gates, Bayer, Cancer and Depopulation ~~

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        Glyphosate: Unsafe on Any Plate

        Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States. Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer and the average age of diagnosis is 6. Cancer affects all ethnic, gender, and socio-economic groups and more than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.

        International Programme On Chemical Safety – Environmental Health Criteria 159 – Glyphosate 

        The Teratogenic Potential Of The Herbicide Glyphosate – Round Up In Wistar Rats 

        Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma And Occupational Exposure To Agricultural Pesticide Chemical 

        A Case-Control Study Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma And Exposure To Pesticides 

        Cancer Incidence Among Glyphosate-Exposed Pesticide Applicators In The Agricultural Health Study

        GMOs and Round Up – Junking Down Our Food Supply 

        Monsanto Round Up Harms Human Endocrine System at Levels Allowed in Drinking Water, Study Shows

        Low Doses, Big Effects: Scientists Seek ‘Fundamental Changes’ In Testing, Regulation Of Hormone-Like Chemicals 

        Regulatory Decisions On Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Should Be Based On The Principles Of Endocrinology 

        Antibiotic Resistance From Unexpected Sources–Herbicides, Dust And Metals

        Glyphosate Reduced Seed And Leaf Concentrations Of Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium And Iron In Non-Glyphosate Resistant Soybean 

        U.S. Researchers Find Round Up Chemical In Water, Air 

        Occurrence And Fate Of The Herbicide Glyphosate And Its Degradate Aminomethylphosphonic Acid In The Atmosphere 

        Another Strike Against GMOs – The Creation of Superbugs and Superweeds

        FDA Finds Monsanto’s Weed Killer In U.S. Honey

        Glyphosate And Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes – A Systematic Review Of Observational Studies 

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        Monsanto Wants Total Control; Covers Up Grave GMO Dangers – RT

        Anonymous – Fck Monsanto!

        2 Minute History – Monsanto

        Monsanto Lobbyist Claims ‘Round Up’ Is Safe To Drink – Watch Him Wig Out When Asked To Drink It 

        GMO-Free Shopping > Apps for iDevices and Smartphones:

        Aspartame – The Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener


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        2 Minute History – Monsanto

        Pesticide Cuisine – Monsanto Video

        Monsanto – Anonymous Legion Warriors

        Round Up – We Are Vaxxed


        Anonymous – OpMonsanto

        Monsanto and EPA – RT Video

        ~~ FACEBOOK ARTICLE ~~

                ~~ The United Nations Fraud ~~

                “The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. Its purpose is to destroy the United States.” (John E. Rankin, a U.S. Congressman)

                “The age of nations must end. The governments of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms.” (U.N. World Constitution)

                The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Common Market, as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

                The ROCKEFELLER Foundation is the PRIME SPONSOR of public relations for the UNITED NATION’S drastic depopulation program, which the world is invited to accept at the UN’s scheduled September conference in Cairo, Egypt. Evidence in the possession of a growing number of researchers in America, England, and Germany demonstrates that the Foundation and its CORPORATE, MEDICAL, and POLITICAL associates organized the racial MASS MURDER program of NAZI GERMANY.

                  Corruption at the Heart of the United Nations

                  The Long, Sordid Tale of Corrupt UN Leadership

                  How Corrupt is the United Nations?

                  The Corruption of the United Nations

                  United Nations Corruption and the Need for Reform

                    Journalist Who Exposes U.N. Corruption Disappears From Google

                      Former CIA Officer: “Most Terrorists Are False Flag Terrorists, Or Are Created By Our Own Security Services.” 

                        Operation Northwoods – US Planned Fake Terror Attacks On Citizens To Create Support For Cuban War 

                        Operation Northwoods – Information Center on Secret Operation Northwoods

                        Operation Northwoods Exposed (MUST-SEE VIDEO!!)

                        U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba

                          The Cuban Project, also known as Operation Mongoose

                          U.N. Peacekeepers Caught Paying 50 Cents for Sex with 13-Year-Old Girls in War Zones

                            Depopulation – UN Population Division Policy Brief, March 2009

                            UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population

                            ~~ A Question For Pro-Vaxxers ~~

                            This is with regard to vaccines and mercury…

                            Hey, pro-vaxxers, I have a question… During discussions, I’ve noticed you people like to throw in:

                            “Mercury is no longer contained in vaccines.”

                            Which translates to:

                            “Vaccine manufacturers removed mercury from their vaccines.”

                            For argument’s sake, I’m going to say I absolutely believe this. The vaccines of today are 100% mercury-free. Now, one may safely conclude that, if mercury was safe and healthy, it would still be an ingredient, right? Now, let’s high-five each other in appreciation of such a responsible action. ✋🏻 I GENUINELY appreciate the honesty and the good intention. 

                            Now, here’s the part where I start becoming confused; if you would help me out…? 

                            The vaccine manufacturers… I would think their expertise in this field would be unsurpassed, given that they are employed by our governments to manufacture the vaccines that are injected into our brand new babies… Vaccines that are often recommended by law and medicine… I see only one of two possible scenarios:

                            – These world-leading “experts” made a HUGE, LIFE-COSTING, BABY-DAMAGING mistake… An oversight that never should have happened, but thankfully, the pharmaceutical companies know better now…


                            – These world-leading “experts” made no mistake; they knew mercury was a neuro-toxin that would cause permanent damage to babies, but they were like: “IDGAF!” Then, however, their corruption and negligence was exposed.
                            There is no other valid reason as to why mercury would be removed from vaccines. Soooo, which is it? 

                            INCOMPETENT vs CORRUPT 

                            In summary – to the pro-vaxxers who use this “mercury was removed” defence, YOU may be only one of two things…

                            ALMOST BRAINLESS because it’s just not quite sinking in for you, is it?





                            ~~~ RELEVANT LINKS ~~

                            ~~ Ari, Vaccines and Autism ~~

                            My son, Ari, was born in March, 2008 and he was such a happy boy. He was an excellent eater; a great sleeper. I wouldn’t even know when he awoke because he was just so content – always. Then he had his 18-month MMR vaccine. He was feverish, he was sick and he didn’t stop crying. 

                            The next day I was no longer a part of his world. I was suddenly invisible and he was beyond my reach. 

                             When Ari was diagnosed with autism, I was devastated but I already knew he had it. I guess it was just hearing it aloud – officially. I consoled myself with the fact that life often throws people a curve ball. It’s just “one of those things” and I was silently grateful that that “thing” wasn’t something like cancer. My son was still alive and we were lucky compared to many other parents in the world.

                            Then there was the day that I learned Ari’s autism wasn’t just “one of those things”. We weren’t “lucky”. He was deliberately poisoned and he didn’t have to have this tragic life of suffering – the frustrations, the obsessions, the compulsions, the physical bowel and stomach pains, the inability to talk; the meltdowns; his dark, isolated world. 

                            This day – the day I learned he was deliberately poisoned… I stopped existing. Nothing mattered; nothing was real… not as we once had believed it to be. 

                            Now, nothing else matters to me. My life is looking after my sons and researching, sharing that information and thinking of ways to fûčk over the government. All I ever think about is learning more government bullshit and finding another way, another site, more pictures, more evidence, other ways to present it… I’m obsessed and unapologetically so. In my head, as long as there is government, this is how it has to be. 

                            Occasionally I’ll feel sadness as I remember the life we once had and the people we once were, but for the most part, I’m just numb. 

                            I don’t even care for the skeptics. I know what happened. I saw what happened. Mere hours after Ari was born I already knew his cry in a nursery with a dozen other babies. I know my son. I. KNOW. WHAT. HAPPENED. 
                            Then there is the evidence. Yeah, yeah… Mercury’s no longer in vaccines… Not to worry. Aluminium is and that’s a neurotoxin. Believe it – don’t believe it. It makes no difference to me. But I promise you one thing… If you have read this, then you vaccinate your child and he is diagnosed with autism, you will remember this exact moment. You will relive it over and over and over again in your head; as if by replaying it in your mind, you will get back the little boy you once knew…

                            You won’t. 

                            📍FACEBOOK PAGES: 

                            • V For Vaccines:


                              • Anonymous Notables:


                                ~~~ ATTENTION PLEASE!!! ANON MISSING!! ~~~


                                ~~~~~ ATTENTION PLEASE!!! ANON MISSING!! ~~~~~


                                At the beginning of this year (2017), one of our admins (@ Anonymous Notables on Facebook) contacted me with the following information. As far as I know, HE IS NOW MISSING!! Walt has NEVER spoken bullshit; his work always credible!! 

                                This is his YouTube video from May 2, 2017:

                                  • 📍Message From The 1%:


                                  ~~~ WALT LAVIGNE – COPIED AND PASTED ~~~

                                  My name is Walt Lavigne and I’m going down the same way I lived my life… Standing up…

                                  • 📍Canada Is Still Torturing People And No One Has Been Held Accountable:


                                  • 📍Public Consultation On Bill C-51 Looks Like An Elaborate PR Stunt:


                                  • 📍RCMP Counter-Terrorism Officer Found Guilty In “Disturbing” Child Abuse Case:


                                  • 📍Family Says RCMP Officer Elbowed 71-Year-Old Woman In The Face:


                                  If you read Trevor Aaronson’s “The Terror Factory”, or listen to his TedTalks on YouTube, the FBI manipulate poor, mentally ill people to “conspire” terrorist acts.

                                  Here is an article that documents the sociopathy at RCMP:    

                                    • 📍A Feminist PM And A Not-So-Feminist RCMP Commish:


                                    • 📍Facebook Link:

                                    ~~ Measles Officially Ruled Not A Virus ~~


                                    “Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

                                    In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions over the past few decades.

                                    Not a single scientist, immunologist, infectious disease specialist or medical doctor has ever been able to establish a scientific foundation, not only for the vaccination of measles but any vaccination for infants, pregnant women, the elderly and even many adult subgroups.

                                    The fact that many vaccines are ineffective is becoming increasingly apparent. Merck was slapped with two separate class action lawsuits contending they lied about the effectiveness of the mumps vaccine in their combination MMR shot, and fabricated efficacy studies to maintain the illusion for the past two decades that the vaccine is highly protective.

                                    Studies such as one published in the Human and Experimental Toxicology journal found a direct statistical correlation between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates. The study, Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?, was conducted by Gary S. Goldman and Neil Z. Miller who has been studying the dangers of vaccines for 25 years.”

                                    📍For more information:
                                    Also See:

                                    ~~ Trump > I’m An Anarchist, But… ~~

                                    [A friend asked about my opinion of Trump and if I was concerned for his life… This was my response]

                                    Before he was elected I was concerned for his life – honestly. I will cover many areas of corruption on the pages I admin, but my “main cause” is Big Pharma. I KNOW FOR A FACT that vaccines, GMOs, geo-engineering, bio-metrics, artificial food, fluoridated water, etc. It’s all lethal. Vaccines are the GREATEST weapon against mankind. The reason being is they’re so toxic, yet, the schedule flies under the radar – EVEN WORSE, it is disguised as life-saving!!!!!! You have people lining up with their brand new babies, THANKING the medical/pharmaceutical industry for poisoning their child! You have these unquestioningly obedient, subservient, indoctrinated people hating on and vilifying the very people who are trying to save their babies! And YES! I know that one day the truth will be known and every pro-vaxer with whom I have spoken or written will reflect back to that conversation they had with me… Recalling how I tried to warn them… Regretting that they could have prevented the death or the destruction now endured by their child… By then it is too late…

                                    I had ONE person mention in passing about Andrew Wakefield and his research on the MMR vaccine and autism. The conversation lasted less than 30 seconds but I live that moment over and over and over again, as if by replaying that brief conversation, it will somehow give me back the baby I once knew. The happy, pain-free, cognisant, lively, focused, little boy – untouched by overwhelming obsessions, psychological disturbances, physical pains and constant emotional heartbreak that I just can’t fix because he can’t tell me why he’s so sad. 

                                    Vaccines have been and will continue to be one of the most successful weapons of mass destruction. 

                                    As fucked up as Trump may be in just so many ways – like every bloody politician before him… They’re all going to fuck up and do SOMETHING you don’t like… I just cannot reason that he would expose Big Pharma, publicly question vaccines and autism, employ Robert Kennedy Jnr to be on the vaccine counsel, axe the TPP… And AT THIS STAGE be part of the NWO-pushing wh0re clan.

                                    As I said to you before… As for those criticising his tax evasion, or whatever. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about that. EVERY. PERSON. I. KNOW. has lied on their tax return, maximising every payback for which you don’t need a receipt. He’s a businessman… That’s what they do. I’m not going to suddenly resent him more than the next guy doing it. IDGAF. I hate the system. Fuck. The. System. If he can rip it off somehow, all the bloody power to him.

                                    And nooooooo, people. Do NOT give me the “but my taxes…” story. Your taxes pay for weaponry and wars, 5-star holidays for politicians and the wages of corrupt cops, etc. 

                                    I also am not a fan of the “I can’t get my story straight” haters… First the election was rigged and hacked by Russia because Putin was colluding with Trump – Putin, who is OBVIOUSLY ANTI-NWO, that is. Now, though, the story has changed to Trump is a Jew and this was all planned from the beginning… Is that with or without Putin? 🙄😑🔫

                                    You know WHY Trump comes off like a brazen a-hole who doesn’t give a fuck? Because he speaks off the cuff. His speeches aren’t superbly polished, striving to blindside you with bullshit, motivated by an ulterior, untoward intention. 

                                    People should be more concerned with those who aren’t so freaking perfect. The most successful evil will be he who is initially adored by all. Because he is so charismatic, inspirational and awesome, people will allow him into their lives; into their homes; into their hearts… By the time you realise you are sitting beside evil, it is too late. You’re already a prisoner. 

                                    IMO, Trump is the “Fuck, yeah, maaaaaate!” kind of guy. A bit of a turn-off to people who don’t see much beyond the surface. They buy into the stereotype. I LOATHED Obama and knew exactly what that dirty c*nt was all about, but guess what? I STILL often found him smooth as hell! ☝🏻

                                    In closing… I may be wrong with what I have written here. I have no horse in the race when it comes to politicians; I’d prefer anarchism in a heartbeat. At this stage, I am still fearful that Trump will be assassinated or used as the fall guy for everything wrong with the U.S.. Unfortunately people have conveniently forgotten that he walked on into a political sewerage pipe, bursting at the seams with Obama-flavoured shit.

                                    There is a HUUUUUUGE difference between being a shit, incompetent president and being an evil one! 

                                    KNOW. THE. DIFFERENCE!