You know, even before I donned this obviously-fashionable tin-foil hat I wear these days, fluoride being added to our water was the one thing that I could never justify, nor reason when my brother and I would speak about ‘conspiracy theories’. With other things, I would always be like: “Meh, who knows what the real story is”, etc.

My brother and I would often speak about our dziadzia (grandfather in Polish) and all that he endured as a concentration camp victim and (then a) survivor of WWII. We had an interest in Hitler and Naziism and were aware that under Hitler’s regime fluoride was added to the water supply. In Australia, we were always told that this addition of fluoride to our water and toothpastes was to e.g. strengthen our teeth.

Even in my historical ignorance, I was like:

“Really, though…? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say – I’m not so sure Hitler really gave a $h17 about the teeth of his prisoners… You know what I mean…?” 🧐

See, with fluoride in our water, toothpastes, etc.; I learned enough at school (despite the governmental manipulation of our curriculum) to know that fluoride wasn’t exactly in the nutritional pyramid of healthy eating. In fact, I learned it was extremely poisonous. Hence, why I could never reason with this ‘conspiracy theory’.

Anyway… While there are THOUSANDS more articles, videos, papers, etc. supporting the toxicity of fluoride; I have gathered for you a collection of those I have found to be quite compelling and informative, IMO.



📍Fluoride Is Poison – Demo:

📍10 Facts About Fluoride:

📍The 12 Biggest Science Lies You’ve Been Told By Corporations, Government and the Corrupt Media:

📍Rockefeller, The Chemical Industry and the FDA:

📍The History of the Pharma Cartel:

📍Printable List of Bottled Water Containing Fluoride:

📍America Funded the Nazis:

📍America – Deliberate Poisoning:

📍Fluoride Was First Used In Nazi Germany:

📍HITLER & FLUORIDE – Added High Doses to Water at Concentration Camps Keep People LIKE WALKING DEAD:

📍THE NAZI CONNECTION: Fluoride Is About Control!:

📍The Great Culling – Our Water:

📍Acute Fluoride Toxicity From Toothpaste Ingestion:

📍The Fluoride Deception:

📍Fluoride Toxicity – Conners Clinic:

📍Water Fluoridation Promotes Thyroid Impairment, Study Warns:

📍Fluoridated Water: The Bone-Destroying Daily Drink Fooling Millions of Americans:

📍Water Fluoridation Infographic:

📍An Inconvenient Tooth – Fluoride Documentary:

📍Expert Testimony: How Your Drinking Water May Be Damaging Your Brain:

📍Dr. Paul Connett, PhD Speaks to Dallas City Council on June 11, 2014:

📍The Truth About Fluoride with Dr. Paul Connett MR NEWS:

📍Presentation to Peel Region ~ Legal Opinion on Water Fluoridation:

📍US Government Admits Americans Have Been Overdosed on Fluoride:

📍Fluoride – Poison on Tap:

📍Neurobehavioural Effects of Developmental Toxicity:

📍Dental Fluorosis is a Reflection of What’s Happening in Our Bones and is the First Visible Sign of Fluoride Poisoning:

📍Useful Fluoridation-Related Charts & Graphs:

📍The Truth About Fluorine/Fluoride:

📍FLUORIDE – Public Murder on a Mass Scale – Dr. Dean Burk, National Cancer Institute Explains:

📍THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?!:

📍Stanley Kubrick – Fluoride (1964):

📍Fluoride – Poison on Tap (Documentary & Literature):

📍Fluoride Action Network – Facebook Page:

📍Dr. Joseph Mercola – Facebook Page:

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