The Autism-Vaccine connection… Why are we arguing it again? 🧐

Not quite sure why there is a debate when the vaccine manufacturers admit “autism” is a possible “risk”; a possible “adverse reaction”.

And before you hero PVs jump on in here with some crap, like:

“That’s just legal mumbo jumbo…”

That may be; however, I’m looking at my friend’s packet of cigarettes ATM and, for as deadly as they are, I see no mention of “autism” being a possible “adverse reaction”… I see no “autism” mentioned in the leaflet that accompanies these Nurofen + (Ibuprofen + Codeine) tablets… Nor is “autism” mentioned as a possible “risk” with these Unisom sleeping pills…

“Coincidentally”, I am yet to find doctors, scientists and other medical professionals linking those aforementioned products to autism too.

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