Nailed it, Paul @ Truespiracy!! Thank you!!



I can’t fcking stand this BULLSHIT!!!!! Like all that bloody:

“Autism isn’t a disability: it’s just another way of life”


“I wouldn’t change my autistic child for anything”

They either have NEVER met an autistic child, or there TRULY is a HUUUUUUUGE spectrum that absolutely needs redefining because there is NO similarity between a child/teenager/adult with obvious cognitive function and physical ability and a child/teenager/adult who cannot speak; wears nappies; demonstrates self-injurious behaviour, such as hand-biting or head-banging, due to sensory overload; regularly screams and cries for (seemingly) no reason; only power-naps; has debilitating OCD; is claustrophobic; agoraphobic; cannot eat more than 6 different foods due to sensory issues; etc.

REALLY? You wouldn’t take away your child’s suffering in place of an ORDINARY, PAIN-FREE, STRESS-FREE life, where he’s able to COMMUNICATE his needs and thoughts; where’s he’s not pissing and shitting all over himself; in CONSTANT distress, regularly depressed and fearful and hurting himself…? Where he will NEVER be ale to care for himself… YOU WOULDN’T EXCHANGE THAT FOR A REGULAR LIFE IF GIVEN THE CHANCE?!!



In my son’s case: VACCINE-INDUCED AUTISM!! I saw him change overnight after the MMR. Just imagine:

📍Your son was your typical cogniscent, content, curious child

📍He receives the 18-month MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccination

📍He is sick, feverish and crying for the remainder of the day

📍He finally falls asleep

📍He awakens with no recognition in his eyes. You’re suddenly invisible

Are you telling me you wouldn’t notice if this happened to your daughter or son? REALLY? DO YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW MY CHILD?

I HAAAAAAAATE THIS BULLSHIT GLORIFICATION!!!! As far as I’m concerned, this is just a disingenuous, vile tactic to densensitise the world to the poison-induced neurological, behavioural disorder that is TAKING OVER THE WORLD… Statistics having increased by approximately 6000% – from 1 in 10 000 in 1970 to now 1 in less than 30 (2018).

You have some doctors saying:

“We don’t know what causes autism (and SIDS and asthma and allergies and diabetes and autoimmune disorders, etc.) and we can’t provide any information because we just don’t know.”

Then there are doctors, immunologists, scientists and other medical professionals who say:

“We believe the toxic ingredients in vaccines cause autism and here is our scientifically-researched and published data supporting our claim.”

Yet, most of society choose to believe the medical “professionals” who “still don’t know”, rather than take a peek at the science provided by those who do.

Because THAT makes sense! INDOCTRINATED MUCH?!!



📍Yale University Study Shows Association Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders:

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