My sons and I are Aussies. We have a couple of vaccine injuries within our family; however, I just want to have a quick word about my 10-year-old boy, Ari. He has moderate-severe vaccine-induced autism. Shortly after he was diagnosed, it became obvious I was going to have to leave work to care for him because I refused to leave him with people who wouldn’t understand him. I am also fearful that he will be abused and, if he is, he won’t be able to tell me as he has no speech.

Anyway, so, I left a job where I earned approximately $850/week (2012-2013 maybe) and began to receive a carer’s payment (PITTANCE compared to my wage). I had another son and, to cut short a long story, he had up to and including his 4-month vaccinations before my mum learned the truth about the fraud of vaccines. It took 4 obvious vaccine injuries before we realised (however, that’s another story).

I have since had yet another boy and, because I refuse to poison my two youngest boys with vaccines, as I unknowingly did my eldest two, I have been financially penalised. The irony, hey?!!

Anyway… Below is a little more about my son, if anyone is interested… The rest of this post is regarding #Turnbull and his invested #Corruption, plus #NoJabNoPlay, etc.

Take it easy! 😊🤟🏻 ~Nic~



📍Turnbull Pushes Mandatory Vaccination Rollout But Has Lucrative shares In Big Pharma:

📍Mandatory Vaccine Push By Big Pharma Tied To Australian Prime Minister’s Wife:

📍Australian Prime Minister and Wife Tied to Pharma, Pushing Mandatory Vaccination:

📍 Malcolm Turnbull’s Attack On Unvaccinated Children Continues:

📍No Jab No Play Is Discrimination:

📍 Terrible Turnbull: Turnbull Slams Hanson’s Accusation Of Government “Blackmailing” Parents Into Vaccination:

📍 Globalist Malcolm Turnbull Pushes Mandatory Vaccination Agenda – Shares In Big Pharma (YouTube):

📍 Submission Statutory Review of NSW Public Health Act 2010 (No Jab No Pay Legislation):

📍A Question For Pro-Vaxxers:




📍1927, English, Book Edition:

The History of Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever, Measles and Whooping Cough in Australia, 1788-1925 / by J.H.L. Cumpston.

Cumpston, J. H. L. (John Howard Lidgett), 1880-1954.

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