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March 8, 2018

This list of banned and censored YouTube channels shows exactly what the Establishment doesn’t want you to be investigating, exploring, discussing and thinking about.

The list of banned and censored YouTube channels is rapidly increasing, as Google-owned YouTube has been carrying out a censorship blitz to strike many long-standing, hugely popular channels from its platform. Alphabet-Google-YouTube is a giant corporation, and corporations are run for one purpose (profit), so from one perspective, this censorship spree seems self-defeating, since they are deleting many popular channels. Some of these had huge followings of between 100,000 and 500,000 (or more), which may cost YouTube money in the short term. However, to understand this censorship purge you need to understand that the Hidden Hand or the dark force which controls the New World Order also controls Alphabet-Google-Youtube, and is clearly using its reach and power to suppress alternative thought.

📍YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter: Publicly-Funded “Private” Corporations

At first glance, it may seem fair that social media giants like YouTube get to censor people because they are private companies, not public/government companies, right? It’s their platform, right? Not exactly. These social media companies are more like private-public partnerships. They would never have gotten off the ground were it not for the government’s seed money, especially through MIC agencies like DARPA and the CIA. Additionally, these companies are given massive tax breaks every year. Alphabet-Google in particular has a very close relationship with the US Government. Is it fair for these companies to take so much public help and support, then turn around and disregard the right to free speech as enshrined in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and elsewhere?

📍Censorship on the Fakest of Pretexts

Make no mistake about their actions: this is censorship pure and simple. The censored YouTube channels were all given fake pretexts and false reasons, but the pattern of censorship is undeniable. Alphabet-Google-YouTube found ways to delete entire channels on the basis that they were breaking YouTube’s nebulous “community guidelines”, or that they were in breach of copyright (relying on allegations of accusers). For some or many of these, YouTube even went back 3+ years to find some piece of supposedly incriminating evidence in a video that had previously been perfectly fine. Any excuse will do.

In a similar vein, the Facebook account of David Icke (with 700,000+ followers) mysteriously disappeared and was taken down for over a week before being magically reinstated. Facebook later said it was a “mistake.” Sure it was.

Everyone in the Alternative Media / Independent Media is now fully aware that if they haven’t already been censored, they are about to be. It’s only a matter of time as the Establishment, via its Establishment platforms, purges any anti-Establishment view.

📍Using the Censorship Purge Against the Censors

Every crisis has an opportunity, and although this censorship purge will affect the Independent Media in the short term, there are good things to come from it. Firstly, it will force alternative content creators to migrate away from the giant corporate platforms to other places where their views, writing, speech, art and content will never be censored. Many great platforms already exist which are trying to find ways to reward content creators, such as Minds and Steemit. Secondly, as we shall see below, the NWO censors are overplaying their hand by purging so much; the list of censored YouTube channels reveals a pattern of content. So now we can see what they don’t want us to know …

📍List of Censored YouTube Channels

Thanks to Reddit, we have this list of censored YouTube channels that was posted on March 1st, 2018. Since then, other YouTube channels have been deleted (such as Natural News / Mike Adams). Some of the channels have been reinstated, but the writing is on the wall: it’s only a matter of time before they get permanently scrapped. Here is the list:

1. According to Joe

2. Adamic Amethyst

3. AmericanEveryman

4. animal farm

5. Anti-School

6. aplaintruth

7. Arthur Koestler

8. ashtonbirdie

9. Back to the Constitution

10. Barry Soetoro

11. Blackstone

12.Bombard’s Body Language *

13. Brave New World

14. Charles Walton

15. Charlton

16. Colin Flaherty

17.Crow777 *

18. Darkness at Noon

19. David Seaman

20.Defango *

21. Destroying the Illusion

22. Dr. Jerome Corsi

23. Dr. of Common Sense

24. Dustin Nemos

25. Edgy Sphinx

26. Elliott Marxx

27. Eric Dubay

28. Factions of Freedom


30. Free Radio Revolution Revived

31. FromDeath2Life

32. Gematrianator

33. HowISeeTheWorld

34. InTruthbyGrace

35. Jake Morphonios

36. Jay Myers

37. Jim Marrs

38. Joanne Steen

39. Johnny Supertramp

40. JYW420

41. Kalika from “For the People”

42. Kearn Kearsy

43. Kevin K Johnston

44. Kinningan

45. Lawarewolf

46. Liberty Columnist

47. Mag Bitter Truth

48. Matrix Breakout

49. Max Malone

50. McFly

51. McSimonius

52. mgtow is freedom

53. Mlordandgod

54. Murdoch Murdoch

55. Operation Hal

56. Peekay

57. Peekay Boston

58. Psyched Substance

59. Redd Dog Truth

60. Richie Allen Show


62. Ron Johnson

63. Russian Vids

64.Sargon of Akkad *

65. The Black Child

66. The Kepler Telescope Channel

67. The Ochelli Effect

68. The Paulstaul Service

69. Titus Frost

70. TruthmediaRevolution

71. Urban Moving

72. Victurus Libertas VL

73. WAP tech

74. Willy Myco

As soon as I saw this list, I immediately recognized many of these channels as superb content providers. The owners of these channels are undoubtedly free thinkers willing to push the boundary of what is known and question everything.

Some very interesting themes emerge. Apparently, these are the topics that the NWO manipulators would rather you didn’t think about:

– False Flag shootings, including False Flag Hoaxes (Free Radio Revolution Revived, Peekay, Peekay Boston, The Paulstaul Service)

– Flat Earth (Eric Dubai, aplaintruth)

– Nanotechnology/Bioweapons, Directed Energy Weapons (aplaintruth)

– Gematria (Gematrianator) [ER note with source here: Gematria is a numerological system by which Hebrew letters correspond to numbers. This system, developed by practitioners of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), derived from Greek influence and became a tool for interpreting biblical texts.]

– Space fakery / Moon as a Hologram (Crow777 [who I interviewed here], Russian vids)

– Various Aspects of the Global Conspiracy, e.g. Zionism, Geopolitics, Extraterrestrials and the Hidden History of Humanity (Jim Marrs, Richie Allen show, MLordandGod, Destroying the Illusion)


– Satanism, Hollywood, Pedophilia (Jay Myers, who process quality conspiracy analysis)

[Many of these topics are covered on The Freedom Articles: here are some links for those that want to research them further:]

Yes, Alphabet-Google-YouTube has a distinct leftwing bias due to its own ideology (as exposed in the incident where Google fired James Damore), and has been employing the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center, Rothschild connected) to purge rightwing channels. However, this censorship blitz is far beyond left vs. right. It’s all about limiting the possible range of human thought to keep the Control System in place.

📍Final Thoughts

Let’s use this purge of censored YouTube channels to find better platforms that decentralize power, reward content creators and pledge to support free speech no matter what. There is no reason we have to let the unlimited diversity of the internet – and the unlimited diversity of humanity – be stymied and controlled, or funneled into giant megalithic platforms that only seek to serve the Establishment.


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By Makia Freeman @ TLB (The Liberty Beacon)



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