Human beings are biologically and physiologically herbivorous. I know this to be a SCIENTIFIC FACT. I will substantiate my claim with something I learned when studying to be a Forensic Technician (through a course in Mortuary Science).

Putrefaction – this is the fifth stage of death; typically occurring 1-2 days post mortem. To cut a long story short… A corpse/carcass/cadaver begins to decompose all organic matter, i.e. the entire dead body; the liquefaction of most organs also occurs. With all of this ‘rotting’ comes the release of toxic gases that assist in organic matter decomposition by infiltrating bodily tissue and organs and reducing them to a liquid state of matter.

As may be seen in the provided chart –

To effectively and harmlessly digest flesh, particularly red meat, stomach acidity must be at a particular pH level (less than or equal to pH 1), in conjunction with an intestinal tract 3-6 times that of our body length. This is to ensure that decomposing meat passes quickly and effectively through the body, whilst providing the body its relevant nutrition and avoiding a lengthy digestive process – a process throughout which those toxic gases are released from the dead/consumed flesh, infiltrating the living tissue and organs of the meat-eater.

Unfortunately, we humans have a pH level 4-5 times greater than that of a carnivore/omnivore. We also have an intestinal tract almost double the optimal length.

Therefore, decomposing meat remains in our bodies for a much longer time than is healthy, giving this flesh a much longer time to permeate our tissue and organs with toxic gases that are barely neutralised due to an ineffective stomach acidity pH level.

This is just one facet of the many physiological and biological differences between herbivores (humans) and omnivores/carnivores (some animals).

A very noteworthy facet, as this greatly contributes to the prevalence of cancer (especially bowel and colon), high cholesterol, heart disease, Type II diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis (vessels coated with cholesterol plaque, potentially occluding the blood flow to the heart and brain; thus, possibly causing myocardial infarctions and strokes – CARNIVORES AND OMNIVORES NEVER DEVELOP ATHEROSCLEROSIS!!!), etc.

I won’t elaborate any more because if anyone is interested, further information may be sought in the provided chart and links.


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