‘Devastating study shows high levels of aluminum in the brains of those with autism. Why does this matter? New science shows “Immune Activation Events” during critical periods of brain development leads to autism, and the purpose of aluminium in vaccines is to activate the immune system!’

📍Injecting Aluminum – Clip:

So many of you seem to think that there are so many other ways we are being exposed to aluminium. If that is where you draw the line, it is absolutely evident that you haven’t actually read or looked into Dr. Exley’s findings. That, you’re beyond stupid, or you’re a troll.

He found that microphages (immune responses) are what delivered this particular form of aluminium to the brains of these autistic individuals.

Microphages are immune response cells and he found that they contained the aluminium that was delivered to the brain. We know that the body’s vaccine immune response is different from the immune response we have naturally. It so happens the type of aluminium particles in the brain samples was the same in vaccines and not the same and the majority of aluminium particles we absorb in our daily lives. The aluminium in vaccines have a different ionic make up that make it harder for the body to discard it through elimination organs like the kidneys. So the difference is the aluminium injected into the body is not eliminated similarly to aluminium absorbed alternative ways.

Dr. Exley expresses his concern about vaccines because, in his findings; they are the obvious culprit for the neurological damaging aluminium in the brain samples. He doesn’t mention any other because there is no other evidence in the findings to demonstrate other forms of aluminium being absorbed into the body as being the catalyst for the damage.


‘In no other drug on the planet (except for vaccines) would safety standards ever be determined without using the actual product (aluminum hydroxide) administered in the proper way (intramuscular injection), into the proper patient population (infants).

‘To date, aluminium adjuvants per se have, perhaps surprisingly, not been the subject of any official experimental investigation, and this being in spite of the well-established neurotoxicity of aluminium’.

“Most vaccines contain aluminium, and aluminium is a proven neurotoxin, in amounts received from vaccines. Vaccines in combination can result in toxic aluminium overload. Even the aluminium in a single vaccine can be harmful because the aluminium is in a form that is more dangerous than ingested aluminium. Specifically, vaccine aluminium is in nanoparticulate form, which is harder for the body to eliminate because it is transported around the body differently than ingested aluminium.

It is natural and normal to ingest small doses of aluminium from food and water. It’s not good for you, but the body has adequate defences. Absorption of ingested Al is low, about 0.3%, so about 99.7% is eliminated in faeces. Ingested aluminium is in ionic form (individual charged atoms), which is readily removed by the kidneys. Also, ionic aluminium is blocked from entering the brain by the blood brain barrier. The low absorption, rapid elimination by the kidneys and barrier to brain entry adequately protects the brain from aluminium.

However, nanoparticulate aluminium from vaccines cannot be removed by the kidneys. The particles are far too large to be filtered out by the kidneys. The Al nanoparticles do dissolve slowly (converting to ionic aluminium). But long before they can dissolve completely, the Al nanoparticles are ‘eaten’ by immune system cells called macrophages. In other words, the particles wind up inside the macrophages. Once loaded with the Al nanoparticles, the macrophages spread aluminium as they travel through the body. This is dangerous, because the Al-loaded macrophages carry Al nanoparticles to tissues (e.g. the brain) that are damaged by very small amounts of aluminium.”



📍New Study:

Massive Aluminum Levels In Autism Brains, Is This The Smoking Gun For Vaccines?

“These are some of the highest values for aluminium in human brain tissue yet recorded.”

— Professor Chris Exley of Keele University, discussing new findings of Aluminum levels in the brains of people with autism

By J.B. HANDLEY – November 27, 2017

View story at


📍Professor Gherardi – Aluminium In Vaccines Ends Up In The Brain:


Did British Scientists Just Solve The Autism Puzzle?

By J.B. HANDLEY – December 8, 2017

Five clear, replicable, and related discoveries explaining how autism is triggered have formed an undeniably clear picture of autism’s causation, and possibly ways to alleviate the symptoms, too. Most of the research that has created this understanding has been published in the last 36 months, and largely from international scientists in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Israel, and China. The U.S. media? Silent.

View story at


📍Aluminium In Brain Tissue In Autism:


📍Aluminium Toxicity:

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  1. Pardon me but seems to me that a slight error occurred most likely by the typesetter regarding stating microphages. I feel that it is ought to be macrophages the greek word for big eaters, hence as they are rushed to the site of the contamination, the unnatural substance to be cleared away.They gobbling-up the offending pollutant,digesting it by secretion of chemicals and to eliminate this from the body by it’s natural means. I understand that as aluminum is not as corrosive like other minerals,iron,copper etc. these unfortunate cleaners committing suicide by unable to digest and to excrete the waist from themselves,thus the lumps at the sites of the vaccination.So who is cleaning away the dead cleaners now? Nobody.And we should know the importance and function of these important immune system workers. The importance of this discovery by this researcher Proph.Chris Exley is beyond any imagination.And that the Pharma would know this? I don’t believe it. This is another deliberate poisoning us, uncovered.Thank you Prophessor. You deserve a Nobel Prize.(sorry they gave it to Obama and the next may be given to Ian Frazer for Gardasil instead.)

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    1. You’re absolutely right!! Thank you!! I didn’t even notice!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      Just came back onto the site to get some links for FB, but I will get to emending that ASAP!! Again, thank you very much!



  2. Pardon,my error in commenting”…And that the Pharma would know this?”… I meant to say: … “And that the Pharma would not know this?… My sincere apology.

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