#RIP #ColtonBerrett! 💜

It’s OK, though, don’t worry. This is for the “#GreaterGood”. It doesn’t happen to most people; I’m sure your child will be OK. 😉🤞🏻

Don’t listen to me, though. Pro-vaxxers have certainly put me in my place. I’m just a stupid mother who uses the internet. I am certainly not #DrSinHangLee, MD – the Director at Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory who alleges gross misconduct, malfeasance and what potentially amounts to criminal behavior to mislead the global public regarding the safety of HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix.

Nor am I #DrLeonard exposing the HPV vaccine as #PopulationControl.

And I know I’m not Japan who stopped the distribution of the HPV vaccine to begin a full-scale probe due to safety issue concerns.

I also don’t work at the #AmericanCollegeOfPediatricians, so that wasn’t me who issued the warning about the vaccine causing premature #OvarianFailure.

Nor am I the #Pfizer Vice President claiming the vaccine is a deadly #scam.

I didn’t participate in any biomedical research studies that provide evidence of the #HPVVaccine causing #cancer.

And I am certainly not #BigPharma – the most powerful industry in the world… The industry whose multi-trillions of annual profitable dollars are reliant upon your trust and belief in the “scientific” fecal matter they spoon-feed you.

Anyway… It’s your child. Why should you bother questioning anything? It’s easier just to immediately dismiss as incredible all the evidence and the activists selflessly using their unpaid time, losing their skeptical family and friends, copping endless criticism and ridicule, risking their reputation, gaining child welfare interference due to their “conspiracy theorist” mindset… Even LITERALLY risking, some even losing, their lives… Why? Because it just doesn’t get more fun than that, does it?!

DO NOT LISTEN TO US!! Your child is worth the risk! 😉



Check it 👇🏻👇🏻

📍#Gardasil / #Cervarix / #HPV #Vaccine:




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