Arizona Citizens Tracked In Facial Recognition Database In First Step For ‘REAL ID’ Implementation

December 6, 2017

A little while ago we wrote about a similar concept:

📍Realtime Crowd Insights:

‘Realtime Crowd Insights.

This is the technology Microsoft’s Research Division was recently allowed to use at a political convention.

“A small camera scanned the room, while a monitor displayed the captured image. Every five seconds, a new image would appear with data annotated for each face – an assigned serial number, gender, estimated age and any emotions detected in the facial expression.”

Electronic Empathy. Not a good sign, guys. This is biometrics at its most invasive yet! Establishing the mood/emotions we are feeling is a huge step in the direction of pre-crime imprisonment – a reason for which Obama’s internment ‘camps’ are in existence… The ones where the U.S. government reserves the right to indefinitely detain – WITHOUT TRIAL – a citizen if it is deemed that person will one day maybe, possibly, potentially, could, perhaps, be likely to, probably, might, perchance commit a crime… A crime for which they have no criminal record, nor any history of criminality.

Realtime Crowd Insights – the technology that will soon be deciding how we are feeling and WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THAT.’



@ 3:56 ⬇️↙️



‘Arizona citizens are now in a government database that uses facial recognition technology to track them simply for getting a driver’s license.

This allows federal and local law enforcement to use the “perpetual lineup” of suspects not accused of a crime to see if someone is wanted for a crime, Arizona Capitol Times reported.

“After someone at the Motor Vehicle Division takes your photo, your face is scanned by a system based on a proprietary algorithm that analyzes facial features.

The system compares your face against the 19 million photos in the state’s driver’s license database to look for similarities. If an image is similar enough, the system will flag it for further review.”

📍 Getting Driver’s Licence Puts Arizonans Into’Perpetual Crime Lineup’:

The program is an effort that is part of a nationwide initiative called the REAL ID Act that was created by Congress in 2005 as a response to the September 11th terror attacks. The system allows the state to comply with the federal act, which increased standards for identification documents. Although the REAL ID Act does not explicitly call for facial recognition, it does maintain that states need to take measures to reduce fraud.


The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) already has publicly boasted about the success with more than 100 cases it has taken to court for fraud using the technology, which has been in place since early 2015.

📍 Step By Step, ADOT Facial Recognition Process Guards Against Identity Fraud:

But the use of the system to prevent identity theft isn’t what people are worried about; the problem is the lack of oversight in government programs that allows anyone with access to look into the database. As such, state-run facial recognition databases are dangerous and can lead down a slippery slope to allow other operations the technology wasn’t intended for.

The other key issue is the fact that residents in Arizona aren’t even being told that this is going on – coupled with the lack of oversight and disclosure, it becomes a nightmare for privacy rights advocates.

“If you don’t know that a system is in place, you actually don’t have the choice of consenting to it or not,” said Clare Garvie who authored the ‘perpetual line-up’ study.”…

One of the main pitfalls of such a system is not only the lack of oversight on the program by any government watchdog, but the fact that there are no laws to justify the collections, or a court between law enforcement and access to millions of people’s identities.

The only requirement for those that search is that it must involve people suspected of committing a crime or “who law enforcement may suspect is about to commit a crime.”

People could also be involved in activities that are threats to public safety, sought as part of a criminal investigation or “intelligence-gathering effort.”…

📍 Why Residents In Some American States May Soon Need A Passport For Domestic Flights:

📍For More Information:

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