October 01, 2017 – #False Flag (in my opinion).

Facebook is, once again, marking as “SPAM” a basic YouTube video link. In addition to this censoring, Facebook is applying a ban to those who link the YouTube video after only the first attempt. 

 I have three accounts currently on bans, the majority of my friends (activists, naturally) also have at least one account on a ban​ and my “Anonymous Notables” page was deleted without a plausible reason – within mere minutes of creating and sharing a post relating to this latest false flag, the TRUTH about firearm ownership and citizen encouragement to retain their guns. 

I will elaborate on this matter later. For now, I just want this video presented in another way so that it bypasses Facebook’s detection.  Below I have included a link to my YouTube video of it + I have uploaded the video directly to this blog post. 

Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas “Massacre” — Police Body-Camera Footage:

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