Why is this important for you? If you are a Facebook consumer, they have chosen Snopes to be one of their ‘arbiters’ in their campaign against “fake news”. Besides that, people are constantly using Snopes to “debunk” articles. 

Facebook’s Employment Of Poynter

Forbes does Damning Piece on Snopes After they are Exposed for “Fraud and Embezzlement”

The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers – Forbes Article

Snopes Accused Of Defrauding Website To Pay For Prostitutes – Staff Includes Escort/Domme/Porn Star 

Damage Control: After Snopes Is Called Out For Fraud And Embezzlement By Major News Outlets 

Snopes Can Go Snopes Themselves – They Lied In Article About Me – I Prove It 

Snopes Caught Lying For Hillary Again, Questions Raised

BUSTED! Main Political “Fact” Checker For SNOPES Is FINALLY EXPOSED As Liberal Hack

Snopes Is Run By A Man And Woman With No Background In Investigation Using Google 

“Fact-Check” Site Snopes Caught Blatantly Lying for Democrats About Flags at Convention

Snopes Caught In A Lie About The UN Trucks. Also, Brexit And Superstate Info 

Snopes Caught In A Blatant Lie 

The Indisputable Liberal Bias of Snopes

Myth-Busting Website Revealed To Be A Hoax – According To

Snopes.Com Caught in a Lie and Spins it Rather than Admits Error


“Is run by “very Democratic” proprietors? Did they lie to discredit a State Farm insurance agent who attacked Obama?” Exposed: Left Wing Website Not Quite the Impartial Arbiter of Truth

Snopes Blows Their Credibility 

Snopes Busted Yet Again For Fabricating Total Lies In Order To Cover For Obama’s Money Laundering Crimes

Snopes ‘Fact Checker’ Site BUSTED Spreading THIS Obama Lie

Snopes Caught Lying About American Flags at Democratic Convention

Kim LaCapria and Snopes Caught Lying About Barry Bush

My first inkling that was full of crap was when I saw this:

I figured I’d be interested to know more, so I began to research:

I noticed that, contrary to Snopes’ “FALSE” claim, the manufacturer themselves admitted to trisodium phosphate being an ingredient in their Lucky Charms:

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