Account disabling, account bans, inaccessible posts, temporary account deactivations that are dependent upon the uploading of government-approved ID if reactivation is to occur, etc…. If you thought Facebook couldn’t get any worse with regard to censorship, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”!

In summary:

Facebook has employed Poynter’s IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network) to sift through the news uploaded to their site and decide what is ‘fake news’ and what is ‘real’.

Sounds hopeful? Hardly… Why? Here are the organisations behind Poynter’s IFCN:

  • NED (National Endowment for Democracy): It has financial links to the Obama State Department
  • Open Society Foundation: Belonging to George Soros
  • eBay’s Omidyar Network (Pierre Omidyar)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Craig Newmark’s ‘CraigsList’

All of these companies are/were supporters of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s election campaign.
You do the math… How independent do you believe the ‘fact-checking’ will be?

International Fact-Checking Network: New Worldwide Ministry Of Truth?

Facebook ‘Fact-checker’ Poynter Partnered with Obama State Department to Train Journalists



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