At the beginning of this year (2017), one of our admins (@ Anonymous Notables on Facebook) contacted me with the following information. As far as I know, HE IS NOW MISSING!! Walt has NEVER spoken bullshit; his work always credible!! 

This is his YouTube video from May 2, 2017:

    • 📍Message From The 1%:



    My name is Walt Lavigne and I’m going down the same way I lived my life… Standing up…

    • 📍Canada Is Still Torturing People And No One Has Been Held Accountable:


    • 📍Public Consultation On Bill C-51 Looks Like An Elaborate PR Stunt:


    • 📍RCMP Counter-Terrorism Officer Found Guilty In “Disturbing” Child Abuse Case:


    • 📍Family Says RCMP Officer Elbowed 71-Year-Old Woman In The Face:


    If you read Trevor Aaronson’s “The Terror Factory”, or listen to his TedTalks on YouTube, the FBI manipulate poor, mentally ill people to “conspire” terrorist acts.

    Here is an article that documents the sociopathy at RCMP:    

      • 📍A Feminist PM And A Not-So-Feminist RCMP Commish:


      • 📍Facebook Link:

      7 thoughts on “~~~ ATTENTION PLEASE!!! ANON MISSING!! ~~~

        1. I won’t immediately dismiss what you’ve written because that would be naive of me. I write this with all due respect and genuine appreciation because I may be overlooking things… Too close to see what others may… I don’t believe this is a scam; however, I will keep your comment in the back of my mind. As I said, I believe it would be naive to just dismiss what you have written simply due to a cyber friendship. I truly do believe he is a genuinely good guy; I had “worked” alongside him for a good while and seen him do a shit-tonne of awesome, honest work. Other than that, I don’t really have anything to support my thoughts.

          Thank you. Sincerely.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You could have at least dropped the trophy emoji. 🏆 Honestly, I would have even been content with the ribbon. 🏅 Just saying…

            I guess you could say, the “diplomatic effect” is simply a side bonus to my innate inclination to not be a narrow-minded fcktard… A state which, ultimately, has a tendency to be a personal disadvantage to the imbecilic mind, IMO.


          2. I totally “hear” you! I haven’t been able to tolerate people since several of the pricks told me I was self-absorbed and called me a narcissist…

            I feel I’m much better than that.


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