[A friend asked about my opinion of Trump and if I was concerned for his life… This was my response.]

Before he was elected I was concerned for his life – honestly. I will cover many areas of corruption on the pages I admin, but my “main cause” is Big Pharma. I KNOW FOR A FACT that vaccines, GMOs, geo-engineering, bio-metrics, artificial food, fluoridated water, etc. It’s all lethal. Vaccines are the GREATEST weapon against mankind. The reason being is they’re so toxic, yet, the schedule flies under the radar – EVEN WORSE, it is disguised as life-saving!!!!!! You have people lining up with their brand new babies, THANKING the medical/pharmaceutical industry for poisoning their child! You have these unquestioningly obedient, subservient, indoctrinated people hating on and vilifying the very people who are trying to save their babies! And YES! I know that one day the truth will be known and every pro-vaxer with whom I have spoken or written will reflect back to that conversation they had with me… Recalling how I tried to warn them… Regretting that they could have prevented the death or the destruction now endured by their child… By then it is too late…

I had ONE person mention in passing about Andrew Wakefield and his research on the MMR vaccine and autism. The conversation lasted less than 30 seconds but I live that moment over and over and over again, as if by replaying that brief conversation, it will somehow give me back the baby I once knew. The happy, pain-free, cognisant, lively, focused, little boy – untouched by overwhelming obsessions, psychological disturbances, physical pains and constant emotional heartbreak that I just can’t fix because he can’t tell me why he’s so sad.

Vaccines have been and will continue to be one of the most successful weapons of mass destruction.

As fucked up as Trump may be in just so many ways – like every bloody politician before him… They’re all going to fuck up and do SOMETHING you don’t like… I just cannot reason that he would expose Big Pharma, publicly question vaccines and autism, employ Robert Kennedy Jnr to be on the vaccine counsel, axe the TPP… And AT THIS STAGE be part of the NWO-pushing wh0re clan.

As I said to you before… As for those criticising his tax evasion, or whatever. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about that. EVERY. PERSON. I. KNOW. has lied on their tax return, maximising every payback for which you don’t need a receipt. He’s a businessman… That’s what they do. I’m not going to suddenly resent him more than the next guy doing it. IDGAF. I hate the system. Fuck. The. System. If he can rip it off somehow, all the bloody power to him.

And nooooooo, people. Do NOT give me the “but my taxes…” story. Your taxes pay for weaponry and wars, 5-star holidays for politicians and the wages of corrupt cops, etc.

I also am not a fan of the “I can’t get my story straight” haters… First the election was rigged and hacked by Russia because Putin was colluding with Trump – Putin, who is OBVIOUSLY ANTI-NWO, that is. Now, though, the story has changed to Trump is a Jew and this was all planned from the beginning… Is that with or without Putin? 🙄😑🔫

You know WHY Trump comes off like a brazen a-hole who doesn’t give a fuck? Because he speaks off the cuff. His speeches aren’t superbly polished, striving to blindside you with bullshit, motivated by an ulterior, untoward intention.

People should be more concerned with those who are so seemingly freaking perfect. The most successful evil will be he who is initially adored by all. Because he is so charismatic, inspirational and awesome, people will allow him into their lives; into their homes; into their hearts… By the time you realise you are sitting beside evil, it is too late. You’re already a prisoner.

IMO, Trump is the “Fuck, yeah, maaaaaate!” kind of guy. A bit of a turn-off to people who don’t see much beyond the surface. They buy into the stereotype. I LOATHED Obama and knew exactly what that dirty c*nt was all about, but guess what? I STILL often found him smooth as hell! ☝🏻

In closing… I may be wrong with what I have written here. I have no horse in the race when it comes to politicians; I’d prefer anarchism in a heartbeat. At this stage, I am still fearful that Trump will be assassinated or used as the fall guy for everything wrong with the U.S.. Unfortunately people have conveniently forgotten that he walked on into a political sewerage pipe, bursting at the seams with Obama-flavoured shit.

There is a HUUUUUUGE difference between being a shit, incompetent president and being an evil one!


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