Thanks to the internet and cyber-activism, people, namely Americans, have been increasingly aware of the bullshit claimed proposed motivations for war. “National security terrorist threats” have seen only more encroachments on personal privacy and security, with NO credible seizures of terrorists – none that aren’t, e.g. later exposed as false flag events with framed suspects and a shit-load of unanswered questions and anomalies…

For example – How tempting is it to believe that a wicked leader in a far-off Middle Eastern country was using chemical weapons against his own people?! I am referring to Assad and Syria… Well, we can’t have that, can we?!! Send in our heroic American troops and their allies and take down that evil dictator!!! <—– That is what we, the people, were supposed to think and want.

These days it is becoming increasingly more difficult to swallow such propaganda, particularly given the number of people and especially the notable people speaking up against the shit spewed by our once-considered-“Gospel” mainstream media.

As for “Anonymous”… For me, the Anonymous mask is symbolic and represents a group of people who are fighting for freedom and truth. I know many people are, but Anonymous gives people a known place/community to ‘join’ (not that you actually join the idea; you represent it). It’s like, Dave down the street probably stands for exactly all the same things as Anonymous, but the world doesn’t know Dave and therefore cannot ‘join’ Dave in his fight.

The world knows Anonymous. The governments know Anonymous and this mask and its representatives have these bitch governments questioning their ability to enact their New World Order and your oppression or demise.

Honestly, the Anonymous resentment doesnt even make sense to me. It’s like saying:

Well, Rap WAS a great concept… The Old Phag rappers – the TRUE rappers were the best. Old-Skool and genuine… and then Snow came out with Informer, Kevin Federline, Bow Wow, Kanye West… All these New Phag rappers… They’ve ruined the name of Rap.

Rap can NEVER again be good because we’ve decided that a few shitty artists represent everything that Rap ever was and ever will be; every artist, every song… Just everything Rap.

Well, then apply that logic to everything because it is only fair…

📍Fck all sports because we all know a shit athlete

📍Fck every TV station because a shit show exists on it

📍Fck all cars and car companies. Theyve all brought out a shit series

📍Fck gaming consoles and their games

📍Fck all food because every brand has a product that tastes like shit

Most importantly, fck us. The prick people around us account for all of us. Fck humanity.

People can laugh all they want and delude themselves into believing it makes no difference, but the truth is – IT IS ALMOST ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Prior to the internet and the subsequent alternative news sites, as well as the birth of cyber-activism; we were all reliant upon the mainstream media to tell us the “truth” of world incidents and anything else ‘they’ wanted us to think we know… and nothing more. 😉 Given that we know the corporate media is owned and controlled by the same people systematically destroying mankind… I think we know where I’m going with this…

More people than EVER know the truth about government corruption and I can say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the internet, alternative media and cyber-activism may be accredited with the majority of accolades for this awareness. The bittersweet, unfortunate, but awesome thing is – once you learn the truth, there is no going back. That means those with open eyes will only increase in number.

FCK. YEAH. ✊🏻😎

I have 4 boys. In my opinion, I have no choice. I am their mum and it’s my job to protect them and this is the best, most effective way that I know. If not me, than who? My sons? If not now, then when?

So… Keep laughing and revelling in your ignorance. We’ll keep thinking for you; working, trying to ensure the future is safer, healthier and more transparent for you and your kids.

You’re welcome. xx. 🖕🏻🖕🏻



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