July 1, 2017

I have so many thoughts with regard to this…

I will say that I believe the parent’s INTENTION is good; however, it is obviously based on a personal experience… An experience that is highly uncommon throughout most of society. I will also say that I understand my opinion is based on my experience – my personal “gender” experience as a heterosexual female; my experience of society’s typical gender designation and also my scholastic science experience, whereby I learned pertinent subjects, such as Anatomy, Biology, Physiology and Chemistry. I also learned English and became somewhat obsessive with words and their definitions, grammar, spelling, syntax and writing (in general). 

Whilst I understand that the parent is trying to prevent the baby from one day potentially experiencing societal pressure to act and be in accordance with the gender that their anatomical sexual organs typically define as either male or female; I believe this parent is unintentionally setting up the child for more adversity and confusion than freedom and gratitude for such a legal omission. With regard to the government’s decision, I find this appalling. We are anatomically, physiologically and biologically male, female or hermaphrodite. I believe the only cases, if any, that should be allowed options, such as “U” or “X” gender choices, is a baby who is born hermaphrodite, or with a condition known as “Swyer Syndrome”, AKA, “XY Gonadal Dysgenesis”. 

I acknowledge the condition and do not ridicule transgenders. I have GREAT sympathy for their plight. I awaken every day knowing, looking and being equipped as the female that I internally, emotionally feel I am. However, as a child, had I had the choice to select which gender would be listed on my birth certificate or healthcare card, I would have chosen “male”. For years I was angry with my mother for not “making me a boy”. I insisted I have my hair cut short, I played with He-Men and lizards and participated in ninja battle-offs. Why? Because I had (still have) two brothers and I wanted to be just like them. I also wanted dental braces, optical glasses and asthma and didn’t speak to my mother for 2 days because I wasn’t allowed to sit in the teacher’s staffroom with that cool Ventolin mask, have an asthma puffer and receive the same attention as my asthmatic friend who struggled to breathe. 
Do I still want asthma? No! Obviously not. I was a stupid child who knew nothing but what my friends were doing and what was seemingly-cool. Do I want to be a male now? No freaking way! I am female through and through. I knew by the time I was 8-9 that I was meant to be a girl. 
Now, with regard to the English aspect of things… I think the government needs to distinguish between “Sex” and “Gender” because, while they are (to some degree) interchangeable, they are still definitively different. Modernly, “Sex” is the term we use to differentiate between male and female and that differentiation is dependent upon the basis of reproductive organs. “Gender” often, particularly contemporaneously, defines either of the two sexes, with consideration of established cultural and societal factors, rather than biological ones.
The government needs to decide which is to be used (Sex/Gender) and substantiate the reason/s and subsequent importance of such a usage on official, legal documentation. Perhaps a “deed poll” kind of law could be implemented, legally allowing people of a certain age to change the gender with which they identify… In fact, isn’t something like that already enacted?
The fact is that kids are cruel a-holes and as children, we were all subject to teasing, ridicule, peer-pressure, a need to belong and a fear of having a spotlight shining on us, drawing attention to our differences. REGARDLESS of how we try to coach our children, promising them that the people teasing are the ones who are wrong… THEY ARE CHILDREN. They are SCIENTIFICALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY INCAPABLE of TRULY understanding and adopting our words, no matter how lovingly and articulately they are delivered. It is a scientific fact that the brain doesn’t stop developing until we are in our early-mid 20s. In saying that, I believe sexual and gender identity is personally known much earlier than this. I make this reference with relation to children teasing and being inevitably affected by such jeering.
I find this disgraceful and ludicrous, honestly. If the parent is so concerned about the potential of teasing, based on her own experience; she should recall that it was she who was in the vast minority and apply that to what her child will experience as a result of such a decision. According to a 2017 study (linked below), only 1 in 137 teenagers identify as transgender – that isn’t even three-quarters of a mere 1%. Due to her own experience, she should be more adept (than average) in recognising transgender traits and ensure she always effectively COMMUNICATES with her child. 
I also can’t help but think the legal acceptance of this is yet another step towards the Elite’s intended sexualisation and exploitation of children, in accordance with the NWO and their final plan.

  • Illuminati, NWO, War, Banks, Israel, ISIS, Zionism & Satanism

This is just my opinion, but I stand by it.

  • B.C. care card issued without gender; parent fighting for same on birth certificate

B.C. care card issued without gender; parent fighting for same on birth certificate

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