Video uploaded June 15, 2017:


    My son is 9 years old and diagnosed as moderately-severely autistic. This video depicts behaviour that is almost identical to that of my boy. He only power-naps and when he is awake, HE IS AWAKE! There is no understanding that his brothers are sleeping and his activity and noise will awaken them. We have to remove light globes and ensure he doesn’t enter their rooms, jumping excitedly on their beds and bodies because he enjoys the buoyancy of the mattresses. 

    My three other sons and my autistic boy are awake at any given time, any day of the week. We struggle to have an established “normal” routine and planning the most simple of events is futile; pointless. We live moment to moment, disappointing people, forgoing many opportunities and events due to our inability to predict availability and fulfil commitments. 

    People often suggest I accept the offered governmental “respite care”, whereby supposedly trained carers “babysit” our son, allowing us a few hours or days of much-needed “respite”. I will never allow people to watch him, regardless of how exhausted and overwhelmed I am. He may be 9, but he can’t speak. He is also still in nappies and has regular, progressively-violent melt-downs. Not only will a stranger not understand the primitive ways in which we have learned to communicate, how will they treat him when he attacks them because he is experiencing anxiety, frustration, anger or sensory-overload? We know how to hold him so he doesn’t hurt himself while he throws around his body, biting and scratching at anything he can – his hands, our hands, our legs, our stomachs, our faces, his brothers… We have to hold him in such a way that the only things injured throughout these frequent, daily meltdowns is us – his mum and dad. 

    Besides that, I will never again allow my boys to be at the mercy of anyone, especially the government. If they abused him, he could never tell me for he no longer has a vocabulary.

    Ultimately, we are “prisoners” within the four walls of our home – prisoners to the vaccine-induced autism that, overnight, forever stole the little boy we once knew. 

    I can’t even begin to imagine how my poor little boy feels… and he can’t tell me because this preventable Big Pharma condition, known as autism, stole his voice when it robbed him of his normality; his health; his independent future… For most intents and purposes – they deprived him of his life. 

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